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Child Care Subsidy (CCS)  

Child Care Subsidy (CCS), Time 4 Tots ELC offer’s each family flexible session times to ensure you make the most of your eligible subsidised hours.

Child care subsidy works on three factors:                                                              

  1. How much work -related activity you and your partner undertake each forthnight. This includes paid work, volunteering, study and other activities as determined by
  2. Your total combined family income.
  3. The service type-this can be long day care or outside-hours care such as vacation care.

Our Top Tip

  • The best way to apply for CCS is through your MyGov Account that is linked to Centrelink.
  • Use our Subsidy Calculator to get an estimate of how much you could expect to receive.
  • Apply for CCS as soon as you find a centre that you and your child are happy with. This way, it will be set up and ready to go for your childs  first day of care. You will also need to confirm your Complying Written Agreement CWA.
  • Be sure to download the Centrelink app which can be very helpful, specially if you change your work situation and need to update your hours.
  • Ask one of our friendly team members at Time4tots to check your enrolment form as well as your subsidy to insure it is ready for your to start.
  • Finally take advantage of our flexible hours below and chose the option that suits your families need best. We can alter hours should you require alternative care hours. ( call us today)

To optimize your CCS and minimize your out of pocket expenses.                We offer 6,  8, 9 & 10  hour sessions to go along with our existing 12 hour session.

Families will have the flexibility to choose the option that best suits them and their needs.

How the subsidy works

The main components of the new CCS are based on activity, family income and type of childcare service and will affect the percentage you are eligible to receive.

The activity test, determines how many hours of childcare per fortnight you will receive subsidy for. Both parents are required to work, study or volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours per fortnight.

Your family’s combined income will calculate the CCS percentage you’re entitled to. It’s based on a grading system, with more financial support available to lower income families.

How to estimate your CCS: online calculator

To determine what your CCS might be, you can use the Governments online calculator.

2021 places filling fast – New enrolments welcome

Our Family at Time 4 Tots is forever growing. We have welcomed a number of new families in the past month and still have room for more.
If you are looking for high quality care and education for your child, then why not try Time 4 Tots ELC. Call us today on 5940 2111.

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At Time 4 Tots Early Learning Centre we believe each child is a unique individual in their own right and that their special abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds should be the basis of our curriculum. We will work with families to provide high quality education and care within a warm, secure environment that promotes diversity and inclusion.

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