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Parent Information

As a family owned and operated Early Learning Centre we understand that  the introduction into long day care can be difficult both for children and parents. A child’s welfare and happiness is the priority for our Educators when welcoming new children to Time 4 Tots Early Learning Centre we will make every effort to make them feel welcome and at home. It is our understanding that a families needs will vary greatly in the orientation process and so meeting individual needs of every child and family will be our priority.

Here are some helpful hints for settling your child into Time 4 Tots Early Learning Centre:

  •  Familiarise your child with our environment and Educators by coming in for visits before commencing care. This will help your child gain trust in their new environment.
  • Where possible, ease your child into care with short stays to begin with.
  • Provide a favourite toy, blanket or comforter to support your child when they are separating from you or settling to sleep.
  • Try to talk about Time 4 Tots Early Learning Centre at home. Mention the names of our Educators and other children and their favorite activity. Talk about the things your child will be able to do at the center that are fun and enjoyable.
  • Talk to our Educators about your child. Let us know what they like to do; successful ways of settling them to sleep; foods they like and dislike. This helps our Educators to get to know your child.
  • When leaving your child it is best to make sure you say goodbye and then leave. Hesitating and not going after you have said your goodbyes only confuses them, especially if they are upset. Make this process a quick one. We do encourage that when collecting your child do stay and play to bridge the gap between home and the center.
  • It sometimes helps to establish a routine when leaving. For example, giving your child a cuddle and then passing them onto one of our Educators, or sitting down with them to read a book or for a short play before saying goodbye. These types of routines will be individualised with you and your child during your first few days of care.

At first some children protest strongly in their new environment, while others may take a day or two to realise that you are leaving them and begin to protest after several days. Children soon learn that you do return and in the mean time they are well cared for and all their needs are met by our dedicated caring and compassionate Educators at Time 4 Tots Early Learning Centre.

To make the introduction to long day care easier for you, we’ve created a parent handbook that can be viewed online or printed out to read later.

The parent handbook contains lots of helpful information about what to expect from childcare, what to bring on your child’s first day and other useful information such as links to government sites with information about any subsidies you may be entitled to.

If you require any further information, please feel free to call or drop in to our centre to discuss your needs with the centre director or any of our educators.